You say I should get out


We are nomads, we move around in life, we are inside and outside, we are in the middle, we are on the side, we are high and low. We have good days and we have days we'd rather not talk about. We are changing, we are never the same. We are here. We are now. And we are alive.

For some of us, every day is an art of survival, while others float along without a care in the world. For some of us, the days are far too short, for others the minutes feel like hours. For some of us, the doorstep miles are endless, for some of us the threshold to stay still is high. We are many, we are few. We carry heavy luggage, we travel light. We explore, challenge and wander. Alone. In pairs. More than one. Together. With weather-beaten hands and worn-out shoes.

Ten things you need to (over)live;
Pharmacy, hands, matches, rat trap, axe, water, love, sailboat, (barbecue) food and a good mood.

The traveling performance Du seie eg må koma meg ud is a fringe event that is not part of the official festival program.
Attendance: Brua over Gravane


By and with; Helge Pedersen Simon Didriksen Lise Berg Tønnesen Gabriela Melo Larsen Ken Larsen Andre Ruud Remi Slotterøy Elisabeth Teigland Per Kjær John Erland Åstrøm Sunniva Solheim Bjørn Mattis Eng Daniel Aasli Marianne Nødtvedt Knudsen Hanna Gressum Antonsen Tale Østrådal Maggi Asbjørnsen Elias Hoffart Harald Stensland Gatelangs is a collaborative project between the University of Agder and IOGT/Sammen. Artistic director: Marianne Nødtvedt Knudsen Producer: Sunniva Solheim Set and costume design: Gabriela Melo Larsen Poet: Simon Didriksen Music: Sunniva Solheim, Remi Slotterøy, Bjørn Mattis Eng

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