What is Assitej

ASSITEJ - Association Internationale du Theater pour I'Enfance et la Jeunesse is an international organization that works to promote the right of children and young people to experience good performing arts.

We have made a small leaflet that tells a little about what Assitej is and what we do! You can read it here.

ASSITEJ was established in 1965 by an international alliance of professional stage artists. ASSITEJ has national centers in approx. 80 countries, and consists of both theatres, performing arts companies and individual artists. ASSITEJ is the world's largest performing arts network for children and young people - internationally referred to as TYA - Theater for Young Audiences. ASSITEJ's work is rooted in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states, among other things, that children have the right to good art - and cultural experiences. ASSITEJ International's website .

Assitej Norway is an independent and inclusive member organization that organizes the international Assitej Festival in Kristiansand, Theatre Saturday UNG at Sentralen and a number of other projects, events and seminars. Through our activities, we aim to be good ambassadors for Norwegian performing arts for a young audience - nationally and internationally. We believe it is important to ensure good quality performing arts for children and young people - this lays the foundation for tomorrow's decision-makers!

Our overall goal is to promote professional performing arts for a young audience - all over the world!

We work for:

  • to inform about and promote international cooperation and exchange
  • to be a national bridge builder between different actors
  • to facilitate debate and dialogue about performing arts for a young audience

We are based at Sentralen in Oslo and at Grim Kulturbryggeri in Kristiansand.

In Oslo you will find general manager Ingvild Lien and in Kristiansand you will find project manager Theis Irgens.

You are most welcome to come by for a chat!

Assitej Norway
Øvre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo

Tel. 46 50 37 88

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