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Performing Arts Residency

ASSITEJ Norway's Residency for Nordic-Baltic Performing Artists working with theater for young audiences, taking place in Oslo between November 28th - December4th, 2022. 

The residency is organized by Assitej Norway and is open to any professional performing artist working with theatre or dance for young audiences (TYA), from any of the eight Nordic-Baltic countries.

Ten performing artists from the Nordic-Baltic region will participate in this weeklong residency, exploring the topic of Solitude. We wish to explore this topic on an individual, collective, and societal level. We also want to explore solitude in a personal and artistic sense. This residency aims to create a space for exploration and exchange of cultural expressions, methods of working for young audiences and for learning more about each other in our Nordic-Baltic region.

During the residency we will explore the topic through workshops, viewing performances and other events, talks and creative spaces.

The residency will be led by the Norwegian actor, director and screenwriter Arturo Tovar. Some of the companies he has worked with are NIE-theater, Det Norske Teatret (Rommen scene) and Sykehusklovnene (Norwegian hospital clowns) and experimental artists like Eirik Fauske, Maritea Dærlin and Ludvig Uhlbors. Arturo works interdisciplinary in theater with photo-film, music-installation, text and clown, with a background in physical-lecoq theater, photo-filmschool and a Masters degree in theater from the National Academy of the arts in Oslo, Norway. His artistic practice is influenced by multicultural voices, documentary elements, clown and humor in a frame of experimental processes.


The lives of the others

CONNECTUP is a Creative Europe project, in which Assitej Norway and the University of Agder are partners. One of the main goals of ConnectUp is to help counteract the social and cultural divides that are being reinforced in Europe today. To achieve the ambition of increased cultural inclusion, it is important to give young people the opportunity to collaborate with people from different national, cultural, social and physical and mental backgrounds.

You can visit the ConnectUp website here

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Across Borders

Theatre for young audiences

This project is an EEA-supported project, a collaboration between Menu Spaustuve, Daavi - senter for scenekunst and Assitej Norway. The aim of the project is to promote development of professional contemporary performing arts for young people as well as to improve accessibility in regions and rural areas, increasing the involvement of local professionals who work with young people.

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