The voices

In Between

The voices

"In between" is a performance by and with immigrant women about leaving your home country, coming to a new country and finding a sense of belonging. What does it mean to leave your home country and start over in a foreign country? How can you take care of who you are and at the same time become someone else? You no longer belong to the home you leave, and you don't yet belong to the country you arrive in...

In Between is a fringe performance organized by the project Stemmene.


"Performers: Arabella Matos, Gabriela Melo Larsen, Hriti A, Julia Ledra, Lynel Hoel, Maria Alexandra Carneiro, Marianne Nødtvedt Knudsen, Nazik Alsadi, Nina Jortveit, Petra Gambina, Sandra Azevedo, Tais Benedeti and Yulia Honcharova. Concept and direction: Gabriela Melo Larsen and Marianne Nødtvedt Knudsen. Designer: Gabriela Melo Larsen. Composer and music producer: Sheila Simmenes. "

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