Festival program overview

Here you will find a detailed overview of the entire festival program! When you scroll down, you'll find one of several "routes" that allow you to see all the performances at the festival, and a calendar view.

You can group, sort and filter to help you find what you're looking for. Click on "view larger version" to open the overview in a new window. Examples and help can be found further down the page.

Full festival schedule

A possible route to see all the shows:

Day-by-day calendar view

User guide

Help to organize the overview
  1. Click here to open a larger version of the overview in a new window.
  2. Click here to change the order. The default is sorting by start time.
  3. Click here to change the grouping. The default is grouping by day. For example, choose to group by company to see all performance times for each production.
  4. Tap here to select a filter. For example, choose to only see shows by selecting Type > Show.
  5. Click here to hide or show fields. For example, choose to hide the fields you don't need information about to get a quicker overview of the information you are looking for.
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